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How to Know What Processes to Optimize in Your Business

Within your core activities of marketing, sales and service, consider what processes need some automation and optimization.

What are you currently doing/using to provide a great experience to..

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Optimize Your Business' Processes with Maps

We’re kind of a bunch of nerds at Media Garcia. We get excited about process maps. I mean...who doesn’t

What are process maps and why use them?

Process mapping is used to visually demonstrate all..

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How to Humanize Your Marketing Funnel

Your prospects and customers’ experience with your business are intertwined. Your customers don't ever think of themselves as a "prospect, lead, customer," they think of themselves as human. To..

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Take on a Growth Mindset for Your Business

As with most things in life, when you want to achieve something great, you have to take on a new mindset. We want you to take on a Growth Mindset. One way to do this is to discover how the Inbound..

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How Selling Has Changed Since I Was A Teenager

Get ready for this readers. You are about to dive deep into the mind of Louis Garcia. A place where many have gone before, some have managed to survive to tell the story, and a few are perplexed..

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3 Marketing Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

After years of dreaming, planning, and execution, you've finally started your business. It's alive, running, and stable! That's great and an amazing feat to accomplish! Now that you've achieved..

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What You Don’t Realize Is Important When Working With A Web Developer

If you’re a small business leader that chooses to partner with an agency for your web development, you are trusting a very important part of your business to a new person or agency. With that..

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Should You Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business?

Consumers are increasingly using digital media, such as smartphones and computers, to get information that influences their purchasing decisions. With technology advancing, digital media will only..

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How to use data in your small business - for non-techies

For any small business owner, the world of data and analytics is complicated and almost impenetrable. Maintaining a business is hard enough without having to dedicate so much of your time to..

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Why you need to give a damn about your business data!

As a small business owner, a confusing part operating in the modern world involves the use and regulation regarding personal data. In our age, you will be hard-pressed to find a resource as..

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