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3 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Game for Small Businesses.

Posted by Tiara Kesler - 02 October, 2017


As you can probably tell by now, blogging is important. How important? Well, if you want to be found on the internet, they are becoming essential for businesses. Why exactly you ask? There are a few main reasons:

1. How often do I post?

Ideally, a person would blog everyday...but who has time for that! What we recommend is once a week to once a month. Every time you post new content on your website's blog, you help boost your website ranking.

Google takes note when you add a new page or blog to your website, and logs that activity into their algorithm for searches.

What's important for this ranking? Search engine optimization (SEO). A key component of SEO is keywords. When you write blogs it is great to focus on keywords specific to what your viewers are looking for in a Google search.



Write content that includes those keywords to help advance your SEO rank and boost the likelihood of your website to show up at the top of the Google search page.

Now that doesn’t mean just jam packing your blog full of keywords. Google is smarter than that, you actually need to write content that is the most interesting or beneficial to your readers.

Learn more about reasearching and selecting keywords for SEO here.


2. What in the world do I write about?

First you need to do some research and think about who your target audience is. If you have already established your main buyer personas, great! You can jump straight into outlining your blog content.

If not, we recommend starting there before doing anything else as we want to make sure the content is really connecting with the right audience. Use our free Buyer Persona Template to get started defining who you want to attract to your website through blogging.


Once you have established your core buyer personas, pick one to focus in on first. What does your buyer persona struggle with and where does opportunity lie?

Think about how this connects to your business, for example, if you are an interior designer, your persona might have trouble knowing where to shop for materials for their home, or they might struggle with their home design, they may like DIY but need inspiration..etc. A good way to connect with them is to write a blog about "top interior design trends of 2017", for example.

Don’t forget to add in those keywords discussed in step #1 to optimize for SEO and attract more viewers from a Google search.

A blog could take you anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, just make sure to take the time to provide in depth content, in a digestible format, with pictures and links to helpful resources for your viewers.

The main goal is to engage readers and to be helpful! Don’t focus too much on selling yourself, but don’t be afraid to tie in your products/services and how you can help them with their struggles.


3. What should I do to capture an audience?

Let your brand's voice and personality shine through the writing. The more authentic your blog feels the more likely people are to follow and share it.

In this day and age, with a social media world full of videos, selfies, gifs and memes, it is hard to hold someone's attention for more than a few seconds (especially millennials!).

Adding capturing images and video content is a good way to reel your viewers back in so they don’t get lost in the blur of text. Checkout this awesome example of an engaging blog that uses video content. 


Breaking the content out with bullets, numbered steps, bolded text and headers helps refocus the eye as well.

Last but not least, make sure to share your blog in newsletters and on social media platforms. You also want your blog visible on your website like on a resource or news page.

Still have some questions? Comment here or message us on Facebook!  

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