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Why you need to give a damn about your business data!

As a small business owner, a confusing part operating in the modern world involves the use and regulation regarding personal data. In our age, you will be hard-pressed ...

7 Must Haves When Designing Your Own Small Business Website

  • Elizabeth Bushard
  • 11.10.2017
  • Website
Designing your own website for your small business can be daunting. Where can you find the time? As a solopreneur, you are wearing all the hats and taking care of every ...

5 Actions You Can Take To Prevent Malware on WordPress

The Media Garcia team has developed and managed many WordPress websites. Infected websites come with the territory, and we have had to clean up our fair share of Malware ...

Get up and get going: Make sure your website is mobile compatible.

In a Novemberpress release, the web analytics firm StatCounter reported mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop for the first time worldwide. With this shift in ...

3 Lessons From Watching My Website Visitors

Having developed websites for over a decade, I have completely come to terms with how I use technology and how it is significantly different than the average person. I ...

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